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Ramsey War Memorial Hall has been a village hall for use of the local community since the early 1900's in Ramsey, near Harwich, it is used by many local groups for educational and social activities. The committee is also responsible for the recreation site & play area.

The hall is currently used by several groups for various different activities such as yoga classes, a dance academy and other social groups.  We also operate a community library every Thursday and monthly Bingo. We host many other annual events at the hall including the Remembrance Service at the Memorial to remember the fallen and a Christmas Event and Carol Service. At the recreation ground we host events for Easter and during the summer and we provide a home to Ramsey & Mistley FC. 

Ramsey Recreation Development Project

It has been nearly 6 years since we opened our new Play Equipment and the success of our park has been amazing.

To see so many families enjoying our facilities is wonderful.

We haven't stopped though, as well as the many fundraising events we bring to you we have been working hard behind the scenes on the project and our vision of a new Community Hall.  Since plans were approved we have been preparing and researching towards funding applications as well as working with architects, building contractors and project managers.

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these plans, however, we are still working towards improvements at the ground.


Our Team

The Hall Committee


Rob Passmore

Vice Chairperson

Theresa Ward


John Fawcett

Hall Secretary

Phone: 07858 363869

Field and Pitch Manager

Rob Passmore

Phone: 07813 856195

Hall Trustees

 Rob Passmore

John Fawcett

Theresa Ward

Alan Campbell

Joe Pedersen

Hazel Williamson

Diane Stace

St Micheal's Church Representative

Dawn Wallace

Ladies Club Representative

Maureen Platt

Appointed Volunteers

Debra Sampson-Scott


Safeguarding Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Fire Safety Policy

Financial Summary

Our financial information is published onto the Charities Commission website annually, for more information please visit our charities commission website at the link below.

Our History

Want to know a bit more about the history of Ramsey War Memorial Hall, click on the link below.